Family Tree

Family Tree

Family Tree

Family Tree

Welcome to my (online) family…

Here you will find the four major (by name) family trees which branch from me, Glenn McGarigle. Some trees are complete, and some need a lot of work, but as I receive more information, the trees are updated. Notice a few things as you surf through here:

  • Girls and Boys are color coded (how convenient is that!?!)
  • Generations are numbered for easy reading
  • If someone on the tree has a homepage, their name is a hyperlink
    (it will be underlined).
  • Some pages (for example, with sensitive information) may be protected by a password.
  • I do the best I can – if you notice an error, please inform me (nicely).
  • This website is supported by you! Please click below to visit a sponsor. Thanks!

Have fun, learn, and let me know if you have any information that is relative to be on these pages or if you know of another family tree to link to. Thanks.


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